A letter of thanks to all our Supporters and Volunteers from the board of Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation

From the February 2013 newsletter (.pdf)


In 2012 our amazing and growing band of supporters continued to motivate everyone associated with the Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation (SWCCF) to focus on what really matters.


Since 2001 when we first started to raise money for childhood cancer research there has been significant improvement in the life expectancy of children post diagnosis. Thanks to our supporters we have now donated in excess of $4,500,000.00 to this cause.


However, research and clinical trials are essential to ensure we are continually moving forward towards our goal of 100% survival for ALL children with cancer. We look to fund ground-breaking research that supports new ideas. In 2012 SWCCF committed a further $1,203,000.00 to fund research projects with $568,000.00 committed for funding in 2013 alone.


Thankfully many people and organisations from all over Australia generously support us and want us to continue this work because we are making difference, and that really matters.


We think of our supporters as a team. We know you have a desire to help make a difference and we look forward to continuing to work with you to achieve a mutual goal of finding a cure for childhood cancer in our lifetime. We know you agree that achieving such a goal really matters and that’s why we need your continuing help.


We hope you find the following review of our 2012 fundraising activities as well the overview of where the money we raise has been committed interesting and trust you will continue to support us and make a difference for children with cancer. Thank you for your continued support and generosity, it is sincerely appreciated from the board of Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation.