Gold Telethon Cheque Presentation for $275,000

Childhood Cancer Research Donation

On June 10 2013 the Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation presented a cheque for $275,000 during the Gold Telethon event for the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation.  The bulk of the donation was raised through the SWCCF’s Around Australia Ride with over 20 motorcyclists doing a lap of Australia in just five weeks to raise money for childhood cancer research.

Gold Telethon Donation Video

We present to you the video of the presentation on the day with the transcript of the video below.




<Deborah Knight> Absolutely guys, keep those call coming 1800 644 336. We’ve got Spidey here entertaining all the kids and face painting, and balloon blowing, and we’ve got the fairies here.  We’re having a lot of fun here in the corner and it’s really hitting home why we are all here as well with all of these gorgeous kids here.


Because losing a child to cancer is a tragic reality that some parents are forced to face. The inspiring Steven Walter foundation was born from a powerful request that was made by a dying son to his family.


<Sue Walter> Well we started in 2001, Steve my son, actually died in 2000 after an 8 year fight with cancer. He was quite a remarkable young man and I think because he had cancer for such a long time he was actually diagnosed with cancer when he was 11 and by the time he got to 19, he just turned 19 and unfortunately he died.


He wanted us to raise money for research so that one day no other kid would have to go through what he’d been through and that really has been I suppose our mantra or something that has quite impressed on my brain that this is why we’re doing what we do


<Deborah Knight> Steven was a passionate and talented and passionate motorbike rider and the foundation now raises life saving funds with annual trips across the country. Over the last 12 years the Steven Walter Foundation has donated an incredible 5 million dollars to research and made a significant impact on increasing the survival rates of kids battling cancer


<Sue Walter> It’s quite incredible when you think about it, we just started out doing one event wanting to follow his wishes,  but to get to where we have got to now sometimes you sort of sit back and think wow that is a lot of money we’ve raised but we could not have done it on our own and we have fabulous group of volunteers and so many supportive people.  He’s probably up there looking down at us going “I want to do that, I want to be here and do this around Australia ride and do the snowy ride”. He would be very proud of what we’re doing.  Just thinking about what families go through and what kids go through it just gives you really the inspiration to want to keep doing what we do


<Cameron Williams> It certainly is inspiring, an incredible legacy Steven Walter has left behind and the people who continue to carry out his wishes are his mum Susan Walter, great to see you again here Sue.  And Allan McGuirk, and Glenn Marshall who is a children cancer specialist. They’re here to present this cheque as head of the kid’s cancer centre. Over to you, it’s a great number you’ve got there, a great number, $275,000. It was a great way that you raised it too, riding a motorbike around the country.


<Allan McGuirk> Oh it was, it was really, for 34 days great camaraderie and a just such an enjoyable way to raise money.


<Cameron Williams> You’ve come back in great shape, how does the bike look?


<Allan McGuirk> After a wash it looks a lot better than I do when I got back I can tell you.


<Cameron Williams> And you must be so proud, Sue that this is an ongoing legacy.  In total now over 5 million dollars.


<Sue Walter> $5,000,000 that we have donated to research.  So one day no other child will have to go through what Steve went through is our goal


<Cameron Williams> This cheque will be in the bank tomorrow morning.  Glenn, tell us some idea of where this money will go.


<Glenn Marshall> This is very, very important to us. What it does is we’re working on research to come up with better diagnostics even predicting in children who apparently are well and whether they are going to get leukaemia and then helping us fund a lot of the trials that we’re doing using new therapies to improve the cure rates. So this gives us hope, hope for the researchers, the parents, the children and the doctors looking after them


<Cameron Williams> All right, Glenn thank you very much. Allan for all of your efforts, 34 days of saddle soreness. And Sue thank you for the inspiration you give us all. Deb, $275,000 we’re getting a lot closer to having to do that marshmallow challenge.