Modern Day Spartans Meeting the Challenge

After starting with the Geelong Stadium Spartan Race in late 2015 which included obstacles, rope and wall climbs, monkey bar rings, a cargo net climb, sandbags and spear throwing, a group of modern day Spartans from Victoria are helping SWCCF meet the challenge. Members of the group are Aidan Wright, James Carroll, Chris Capetanakis , Mark Hadley, Richard May, Jacob Varghese and Hanna Schmied.


On 2 April this year, the team took it to the next level, heading to Picton in NSW to complete the first leg of a trifecta Spartan Race. Unsure of what obstacle or challenge was in front of them, they faced a 7km course with 25 challenging obstacles. On 4 June, the team will back it up with a 14km, 30 obstacle course in Melbourne in June and an incredible 35 obstacles over a half marathon distance in Brisbane in September.


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Aidan Wright explained that the Spartan Challenge is not for the faint-hearted. “The course involves a return to ancient roots, running through woods, getting covered in mud and facing physical and mental challenges,” Aidan said.  “Each race is different, meaning you cannot practice the challenges. The key is to expect the unexpected.”


“Our purpose behind competing in this race is to raise funds for children with cancer,” Aidan continued.  “There is no obstacle greater in life than children overcoming cancer. Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation is a charity close to our hearts.”


Congratulations Aidan and the Spartan team – we can’t wait to see how you go in your next challenge and we are cheering you on!


You can support the Spartan Team via their Everyday Hero Fundraising page.


The Spartan team got some inspiration recently when they visited Royal Children’s Hospital and met Mary McGowan, Community Liaison at the Children’s Cancer Centre RCH as well as Franciose Mechinaud who is Director of the Children’s Cancer Centre, RCH and Associate Professor Paul Ekert who is Head of Molecular Diagnostics at The Royal Children’s Hospital and Murdoch Childrens Research Institute.


spartans & francoise mechinaud   spartans & mary mcgowan  spartans & paul ekert