Turn your fun and fitness into Fundraising!

Is running your thing? Would you like some extra motivation to pound the pavement? How about running and raising money for research into a cure for childhood cancer? Our Sutherland2Surf team raised almost $4000 which was a fantastic effort – let’s see who can beat that target!




Each year almost 1,000 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer. Almost 200 will relapse and most of these kids will not survive. So while cure rates for childhood cancer are around 80% that’s still not good enough and we won’t stop until we have 100% survival for ALL children diagnosed with cancer and the prevention of their suffering.


So how can you help? If you like running or walking, then consider taking part in a fun run near you. There are plenty…

  • City2Surf in Sydney on 14 August
  • City2Sea on 20 November
  • or any other fun run, walk or fitness activity in your neck of the woods!


SWCCF has a team taking part in the City2Surf, and we’re supporting them in their fundraising efforts. The easiest way to do this is to set up your own fundraising page through Everyday Hero. We’e set up Everyday Hero team page City2Surf and we can do the same for any other fundraising events you want to get on board with.


So the aim of the game is to put in your personal best effort on the day – walking or running, or a bit of both – AND your personal best fundraising effort in the lead up to the event. It doesn’t matter whether you win or come last, what matters is that you’ve join the team to Meet the Challenge!


We’re extremely lucky to have a loyal bunch of runners from the Blue Mountains called the Tumour Terminators which have been participating in the City2Surf since 2002. They run in honour of Joel Blane who sadly passed away after fighting a brain tumour. Our thanks to Kirrilly Twomey and Blue Mountains City Council which has incorporated support of the Tumour Terminators team into its Leisure Centre program.


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So the best way to start is to visit our pages for the Sutherland2Surf and City2Surf. Don’t forget to enter the fun run as well as create your fundraising page.


And if you want more information email us at admin@stevenwalterfoundation.org.au or call (02) 9542 5885 and we can show you how easy it is to turn your fun and fitness into fundraising for a cure!